Brass Brazing Rod

Brass Brazing Rod

Copper alloys are base metal alloys used for high temperature brazing of steels or tungsten carbide. Cost effective alternative to silver brazing alloys wherein high joint strength can be readily achieved. Some alloys also offer excellent corrosin resistance with thermal and electrical conductivity. We offer these alloys in standard composition to suitable specific application available in wires and rods.

GermanyDIN Europe EN Inter.StandardOrg.ISO Aws
Din:8513 En1044 17672(2010-11) A5.8.89

Chemical Composition L-CuZn40 Mn2
Copper 60 60
Zinc 39.7 39.7
Silicon 0.3 0.3
Mn - 0.2

Use for brass brazing ,steels malleable cast iron, copper,
copper alloy with melting temperatures greater than 950°C (Solidous), nickel, nickel alloys.
Mn2 Use for copper, cast and malleable iron brazing.

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