Zari wires has been developed using JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY. These zari wires manufactured by winding or wrapping a flattened metallic strip made from pure gold, silver or slitted metallised polyester film, on a core yarn, usually of pure silk, viscose, cotton, nylon, polyester, P.P., mono/multi filament, wire etc.

  • Zari is basically a brocade of tinsel thread meant for weaving and embroidery, which is very smooth & perfect elogation to reach 0.025 mm
  • At Metro Metal Technology, we use 100 % Imported raw material.
  • Since we have so many buyers from Surat and other cities in India
  • We never compromise with the quality of products and provide the high quality products only.
  • Packed in environmental friendly cardboard boxes.


  • ALLOY : CuZn20% / Cu80% / Zn20%.
  • Enhance processing speed enormously.
  • Increase processing precision enormously.
  • Extra Strong.
  • Excellent shine.
  • Preeminent economic efficiency.

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