Brass Wire for Zipper

Brass Wire for Zipper

We provide High Quality Brass flat Wire with Bright surface finishing and brass color, widely uses in Zipper Industries suitable for teeth formation,bending and punching work, top and bottom stopper. And suitable for electronic industries for punching work

Equivalent Specification
Germany DIN Europe EN Inter.StandardOrg.ISO USA UNS Japan JIS France NS United Kingdom BS
CuZn37 CuZn37 CuZn37 C27200 C2720 CuZn37 CZ108
CuZn30 CuZn30 CuZn30 C26000 C2600 CuZn30 CZ106


Chemical Composition CuZn37 CuZn30
Copper 62-64% 68-71%
Lead 40 ppm (max) 40 ppm (max)
Iron 100 ppm (max) 100 ppm (max)
Zinc Rem Rem
Impurities 0.2 Max 0.2 Max


Size: Available
Min Max Tolerence
Width: 2.5 mm 10 mm +/-0.03 mm
Thickness 0.80mm 2.00mm +/-0.02mm
Hardness 90 HV 170HV
Coil Weight 30-50 Kgs
Coil I.D. 300 mm
Coil Width 100 mm

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